Ship Recycling

Main experience

Sub-contracts with Litehauz, marine environmental consultancy (ship recycling project design and auditing 2013-2014)

Consultant to Norad with missions to Bangladesh in 2010 and meetings with IMO in London. Working Paper for Norad on ship recycling in Bangladesh, June 2010

Preparation of a Shipbreaking Scoping Study (with A. Andersen) for the International Labour Office / International Finance Corporation (Better Work programme, 2010)

Conferences in Glasgow (University of Strathclyde, Sept. 2010), London (Sheffield University, Waste of the World Project, Nov. 2010) and London (Divest Project at RINA, 6-7 Oct. 2011) 

Full familiarity with the IMO Hong Kong Convention on ship recycling (HKC 2009)

On-site inspections and meetings with government authorities, employers and workers between 2001 - 2010 in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey and USA

Attendance at major sessions of IMO (MEPC), ILO and the Basel Convention each of which have "Guidelines" on shipbreaking.

See especially: Safety and health in shipbreaking: Guidelines for Asian countries and Turkey (Geneva, ILO, 2004),

Joint ILO/IMO/Basel Convention Working Group (JWG) on Ship Scrapping

International conferences on shipbreaking (2001-2010): Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Philadelphia and Glasgow

Meetings with World Bank, EU (DG/ENV), EMSA, MARAD, ICS, IMF, ITF, Norad

Technical cooperation

Proven ability to implement projects in Asia, especially in Bangladesh with the Government, shipbreakers, ILO, UNDP (2004-07) and Norad (2010)

Selected Publications

"Is there a decent way to break up ships?"

"The phase-out of single hull tankers” in: Maritime Review (Winter 2003/04)

“When ships are ready for the breaker’s yard” in: Maritime Review (Winter 2005)

"Safety and health in shipbreaking", in: Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) – International Conference – Recycling of ships and other marine structures (London: 4-5 May 2005). London, RINA, 2005, pp 63-72

"Progress towards a co-ordinated approach to ship scrapping : A report on the first session of the Joint Working Group", in: Lloyd’s List Events, Ship Recycling Conference 2005 ; From ship scrapping to ship recycling…. A willingness to change. Amsterdam, 11 – 12 April 2005. London, Lloyd’s List Events, 2005.

Video: The Shipbreakers (ILO, 2000)

DVD: Shipbreaking: What can be done? (Geneva, ILO, 2006)

Working Paper for Norad on ship recycling in Bangladesh, June 2010

Shipbreaking Scoping Study (with A. Andersen). Feasibility study for the Better Work programme of the ILO / IFC (2010)